Kristina Kruzan

Kristina Kruzan, Birth Doula

Birth Doula, Childbirth Educator, Henna Artist, Doula Mentor

I attended my first doula training in 2002, after a friend asked me to attend her birth. Since then, I’ve attended almost 200 births with many amazing clients, each with their own unique, and wonderful story.

I believe that amazing things are possible, no matter where you give birth, whether or not your partner is present or a crowd of your best friends, whether you schedule an amazing cesarean or push your baby out in  your own bathtub. I often say to clients, “I’m not attached to what happens, as long as you feel triumphant, respected and informed when you look back at your birth story.” This is a great snapshot about my approach to doula care.

As a childbirth educator and doula mentor, my approach is to ask questions that help you drive toward the answers that are right for you. I offer a wide variety of information and hope to set a table where you can choose what works for you, so that we can then work together and map the route. You are in charge of your learning! We can shift course at any time to meet your interests and needs. Prepare to laugh and be challenged, to reflect, to crack open, and to draw lines for yourself, with the support of a seasoned doula all along the way.

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